Predict Your Future with Simplified Cash Forecasting: How Allegis Improved its Treasury System #100440

Tue. July 18| 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Florence

An essential duty in Treasury is the managing of an organization’s cash flows across all regions and determining the cash position at any given time to assist in decision making. PeopleSoft Cash Management v9.2 provides a simplified worksheet tool for managing treasury’s cash forecasting and positioning needs. Worksheets are configured with rules and dimensions that are aligned with the business needs, and support drill down to detail features to access specific source transactions such as balance records or transaction activity on bank statements. At Allegis we created two value added customizations: (1)The utilization of transaction level addenda to allow for proper categorizing of transactions and (2) the applying of a cash forecasting rolling balance application engine which provides treasury with the ability to compute the daily beginning cash balance on specific source set balance records.

Type: Case Study

Track: Financial Management

Audience: Functional

Handout(s): Predict Your Future with Simplified Cash Forecasting_final.pdf


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