Masterminding PeopleSoft Bank Reconciliations #101370

Wed. July 19| 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM | International Ballroom D

Advances in bank account reconciliation have made it much easier for companies to match their accounts to bank records. By automating the reconciliation process, treasury departments can save time and resources for high volumes of transactions at any given time. However, simply doing the bare minimum of auto reconciliation can occasionally still require a great deal of manual work. This was the case for Security Finance Corporation. Security Finance Corporation is a loan provider with 900+ bank accounts spanning across 200+ banks. After automating their bank reconciliation process in PeopleSoft, they found that much of the work continued to be manual, as many external deposits would not auto-reconcile, and did not allow for un-reconciling of items. Join SFC and consulting partner, Elire, in this session to learn how many of their PeopleSoft reconciliation problems were solved, allowing SFC to smoothly and efficiently reconcile 670,000+ check items and 36,000+ on a monthly basis.

Type: Case Study

Track: Financial Management

Audience: Functional

Handout(s): Masterminding Bank Reconciliation_Final.pdf


Conde, Carlos Elire, Inc.
Emory, Heidi Security Finance Corporation of Spartanburg